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Know that you are never alone.
No matter how alone you may feel.

Evolve Your Soul to a Higher Level – Just Like the Great Masters

Your soul is constantly evolving. And you have a specific mission in life. Even though you may not know what it is. The great spiritual leaders…Gandhi, Mohammad, Jesus, Buddha and Krishna…all awoke to this reality.

When they did they were still human. And they all struggled with the human condition. Yet they were able to move to a higher level of awakened consciousness that we all aspire to.

How did they do it?

The answers can be found in Kathleen M. Flanagan’s riveting new novel …
Dancing Souls: Merging Heaven and Earth – The Call.

Follow the journey of, Destiny, an awakening spirit who experiences a profound soul evolution. You’ll walk beside her on a journey that mirrors the roads traveled by our great spiritual masters.

A journey through which Destiny must face down her demons, confront abuse and despair …and rise above the unimaginable in a quest to reach new spiritual heights …and bring others with her.

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Finalist in the New Age category for International Excellence Body Mind Spirit book awards!

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