A Simple Practice to Keep Moving Toward Your Dreams

Today I want to discuss the “Open Gate.” We all have them. What I’m referring to when I use the term “Open Gate” is the unique mission or purpose that we have for being here. The dream you are moving toward.

When we are moving in that direction we experience life as exciting and joyful. It feels like life couldn’t get any better. This is usually an indication that you are living in your dream. You are living with your Spirit and you’re connected with the Source.

When you are feeling constricted or overwhelmed that is usually an indication that you are allowing negativity to come in. This also feels like you are not able to move forward. This negativity can come in through the news, newspapers, listening to people talk about all of their troubles. You are starting to take all this on for people or even the world.

Moving Toward Your Dreams

When you are in that particular situation where you’re feeling stuck and can’t move forward, you just need to go back to what it is that you want.  What is the dream?  Then start living “as if.”  This is one of the fastest way to get back to moving forward.

I also have a practice that helps me stay consistent in the forward motion that I want to be making.  We are all on our own journey of discovering your true self but we are also co-creating with God. One of the ways I help myself stay  consistent in the forward motion, on the right path, is to remind myself of this particular saying:

This world is full of gifts wide open for me today.
This world is full of the opportunity for me to discover my true path.
This world is supportive of me living in the fullest of who I am here to be.
Because this world is guided by the One Who Guides and gives life right where I am.

I find this incredibly empowering because regardless of what is going on in your life you are exactly where you are supposed to be right here, right now. If it wasn’t, you would be somewhere else.  

I recommend that you start finding peace where you are right here, right now. 

Remember that you created this moment.

When you allow Source to come in – or your Guide or Angel or whatever you are comfortable calling it – and start helping you, everything becomes easier. I hope this affirmation will allow you to let this help into your life so you can keep moving forward towards your dreams.

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