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Are You Tapping Into Spirit to Get the Things You Truly Want?

Are You Tapping Into Spirit to Get the Things You Truly Want?

Today I want to talk about possibilities. Are You Tapping Into Spirit to Get the Things You Truly Want? Do you know what you want? Do you know where you are going? Do you have a roadmap of how you’re going to get there?

When you have an idea of what you want, the Universe will conspire in your favor to help you achieve it. You also want to write it down because that starts the manifestation process. Then you want to preface it by saying “I am so happy and grateful now that…” This brings it into the present.

This process does not always have to be for something lofty.

You don’t have to wait to partner with Spirit just to find your purpose in life or building a successful business. It can be for physical changes you want to make in your environment or your home. It can be to find a way to learn something you’ve always thought would be fun or to go someplace you’ve always dreamed of seeing.

For example, when I purchased my house, it had the ugliest bathrooms.  They were truly horrible and I hated them. Every time I went into one, I felt horrible and depressed. I had no idea how I was going to fix them because I knew that I was going to gut them and start from scratch and I didn’t have the money to do it the way I really wanted.

I did something that at first I thought I regretted. I asked Spirit, “How am I going to get this done?” The very next day – a week before Christmas – I had a water loss. That was not fun.

I ended up having to find a contractor, gut my bathrooms and rebuild all of them. They are custom made because I extended the shower in the master bath and I also added a second sink in the main bath. I made them beautiful and exactly what I wanted.

If I hadn’t had a vision of exactly what I wanted this could have been a disaster.  

I had a contractor that fought me every step of the way on my design choices. He kept telling me it would look horrible and I kept telling him “No it won’t.”  Back and forth we went. But I knew exactly what these bathrooms were going to look like. I had been visualizing them in detail for over a year.

When the bathrooms were done, my contractor was blown away at the choices I had made and how beautiful they were. He told me, “You know that these are designer bathrooms, right?” I told him of course I did because I was the designer!

I knew exactly what I wanted and when you know what you want, the Universe will conspire to give you what you want. 

It may not unfold in a way that you would have chosen and it may not immediately feel like a gift – but it is. 

In this case, a water loss and an argumentative contractor were not how I would have planned it. But it was a way for me to get the bathrooms that I needed and wanted because insurance covered part of the cost.  

Now when I go in my bathrooms I feel good, beautiful and happy.  They are a representation of something that I wanted, I visualized, and I created.  

This old house that I purchased is in the process of becoming me. It was so sick when I bought it but I keep seeing what I want. I keep moving in that direction. Every time I do one little thing to this house, it makes me happy and joyful because I’m the one that created it WITH Spirit. Spirit helps me find the money to do all the things I want to do to build this home.

So, what is in the infinite possibilities out there that you really want? 

What are you willing to do to get that? 

It may not be a joyful experience while you’re getting there. But if you know what is at the end of that experience is something that makes your heart sing, then it’s worth the journey.  

Just like my bathrooms – it wasn’t an enjoyable experience by any stretch of the imagination. But I kept seeing what they were going to be when they were done and that made me so happy. I held on to that feeling and the tumultuous experience was well worth every step.

I invite you today to write to the Universe a description of what you want.  Start saying “I am so happy and grateful now that…”

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