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Having Difficulty Overcoming Fear?

It’s a fact, we all have fear, and there’s simply no way to get rid of your fears.

Fear is a protection mechanism that is designed to protect us when we step outside of our comfort zone. Our ego’s job is to protect us.  When ego experiences something that it does not know or is not comfortable with, for example, change, it becomes fearful.

When we are making changes in our lives, whether it’s by our own choice or the Universe, we experience fear.

A Technique to Overcome Fear

I have learned a technique to overcome fear that is unique and very […]


How to Access Your Will to Create the Life You Want

Today I want to talk about how to access the Will.  When we think of “Will” we think of willpower.  If I want to change something I will “will” it into existence.  That means we are forcing something. It is very short lived and it’s not going to last.

The Will is part of the spiritual side of who we are that is bigger and more magnificent than we are a far as our human capacity. We just don’t understand how to access the Will in order to create the life that we want to live.

There was a study done […]


Consciously Moving Towards Finding Your Purpose

Today I want to talk to you about finding your Purpose.

Do you know what your purpose is? Do you know what is breathing through you? What is this desire that you have? Why are you on this planet?

Only you can ask those questions.

Only you can receive those answers.

As a child, I was sure I was here to change the world even though I had no idea what that meant. But I was definitely going to change the world. I think that’s part of the Baby Boomer generation. We really did come in to change the world. And we did change […]


Using Desire To Move You In The Right Direction

Today we’re going to be talking about using desire.  The question is, have you thought about what your dreams are for your life.  Have you written them down?

Do you know what you want in your relationships?  Your career? Finances?  Your health?

These questions aren’t just necessary, they are the basics of how we survive in our society.

Are You Living on Purpose or By Default?

Do you have the job you want or do you have a job because it’s the one that you could get?

Is your health something you have created or is it something that’s happened to […]


Heal Your Body; Talk To It

Something that I learned a long time ago, and it took a long time to learn it ~ I use to be a migraine sufferer. Since then I’ve stopped getting them, but would like to share a simple but effective technique that might help you to heal your body.

I dealt with migraines where I was debilitated for days and I would do all sorts of things to get rid of them. I learned that the causes ranged from hormones, to foods, to chocolate. It was important to me to address all of these things in order to heal my body […]


Intuition – Change Your Life Part 2

Intuition is the “non-linear” intelligence system.

It’s the connection to Source, The Universe and All That Is.

It’s the quiet still voice in your head.
It is that gut-wrenching feeling.

It is the system that is talking to You.

You are not living You.  You are not breathing You.  A Higher Intelligence is breathing through us and guiding us on our journey.

How do we become, or recognize that quiet still voice?

Often times our fears and egos scream at us drowning out the quiet still voice within us.

It’s in your best interest to learn to recognize the quiet still voice and you do that by working with it.

You recognize […]


Imagination. Change Your Life Part 1.

Before anything can be conceived in the physical world it must first be created through our imagination.

We perceive everything through our 5 senses which are sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

What most of us don’t realize, there are mental facilities that we need to use to create the life of our dreams.

One of these two powerful faculties is imagination.

When we were kids our imagination ran free. We thought of all kinds of things we could do and be, without limitation.

Sadly though, when we become adults, we shut down, or at least turned down our imagination frequency.

Your desk, your couch and […]


Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts

The true essence of who we are is Spirit.  Spirit, or God, is in each and every one of us.  We each hold very valuable assets, or spiritual gifts, within us as well.

We spend so much time in our heads, with negative talk, beating ourselves up…And the things we tell ourselves in those moments, are absolutely not true and not who we are.

When we focus on the negative aspects of ourselves, we are literally throwing away, or burying, our spiritual gifts.

I am inviting you today to write down all of your assets. As you go through this exercise, press yourself […]


A Tip For Increasing Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

I want to tell you about a very simple tip to build your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Get a piece of paper and pen and right down everything that your good at. Use no judgement, just write anything that comes to mind that you even think your good at today or have been good at in the past. No matter at what age you were good at it, write it down.

Think about anything that you’ve practiced, studied or learned. It all becomes a part of who you are for the rest of your life.

If you don’t know what you’re good at, or […]


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