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Dancing Souls The Dark Night of the Soul

Will the Screamers destroy Destiny’s peace and purpose?

Finalist Award Winner in the  2024 International Book Awards Nonfiction New Age category

Destiny had accepted the quest from the Creator allowing her DNA to be altered as Book One—Dancing Souls … Heaven and Earth —The Call ended. She had agreed to forfeit her life … and to be reborn as something she knew was horrible. A something that was now destroying the worlds she loved. 

All Destiny knew was that her time on Earth would create a dramatic change that would alter her beyond anything she could imagine.

She didn’t know what the Creator was planning in his change design. 
She knew it was coming. 
She … knew … it … would … happen.

With her rebirth, Destiny suddenly lost all knowledge of who she was. All of it. She lost all knowledge of where she came from and who her friends were. All of it. 

In Book Two—Dancing Souls … Dark Night of the Soul, Destiny begins a new adventure with no vision toward what the outcome would bring. Settling in, the absolute chaos of the previous year ebbs away. And finally, peace and acceptance enveloped her that is disrupted by the Screamers. Who are they? And why have they become the nightmares of Destiny’s existence?

Would she survive the Creator’s ultimate test? 
Would the Creator’s Grand Plan work? 
Would the Earth, Destiny came to love, be saved? 

And … will the Creator bring her back, rebirth her again … to be found?