Consciously Moving Towards Finding Your Purpose

Today I want to talk to you about finding your Purpose.

Do you know what your purpose is? Do you know what is breathing through you? What is this desire that you have? Why are you on this planet?

Only you can ask those questions.

Only you can receive those answers.

As a child, I was sure I was here to change the world even though I had no idea what that meant. But I was definitely going to change the world. I think that’s part of the Baby Boomer generation. We really did come in to change the world. And we did change it.

Look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Motorolla – the technology created was all part of changing the world we have today.

We each played a part in this change. Some of us are still working on moving into the part we are supposed to play because we had life lessons we needed to learn first.

For me, I have always seen myself on stage, delivering the messages that I’m starting to deliver. I know things beyond what I should logically know. But I never knew how to embrace that part of myself or share that with others. It took a long time to figure out this part of myself.

But I always knew that my purpose was out there waiting for me to find it.

You always know deep down what that true desire is that is trying to move you in a new direction.

Every time I felt myself moving towards this a little more I would stop and watch what was happening around me. I also studied strong, powerful, dynamic women. I wanted to see how they handled power and men and a society that really didn’t recognize women yet. I wanted to know how they created that self-confidence that allowed them to do the things that they did.

I believe that no matter what the messages are that you have – and only you know what that is – it all comes down to you stopping long enough to get quiet and still and listen to that inner voice.

We are going to live our purpose even if we have families or a career or whatever is making our lives busy. We are not here randomly. We are here for a reason.

Sometimes its just doing random acts of kindness so often that you save someone’s life. You won’t know what your actions have provided for others until you pass on and reassess your life at the time of your death.

I invite you to look at what really makes your heart sing. What lights you up?

For me, it was ballroom dancing. I have always thought of myself as a dancer and loved to dance. It was ballroom dancing that moved me into the place I am today, that gave me the self-confidence to come out in the world. To understand what it is to connect to another person and not be terrified.

I can’t express how exciting that is.

My heart is lit up. I am on fire every day about doing this work.

That’s what your purpose is – when you know what’s making you happy and you’re out there doing whatever it takes to make it happen. But just because it’s your purpose doesn’t mean you’re not going to experience fear. When you are still getting up every day and doing “it” despite the fear that is so intense it feels like it will flatten you – you’ve found your purpose. You have found your most important thing.

You will still have other things that are important in your life – your family, your children, your career. Your purpose, however, can move you to the right action far more quickly and easily than any family member or boss or friend.

I invite you today to stop long enough to get quiet, be still and listen to that small, firm voice inside and find out what your purpose is. What can you do today to move in the direction of living the life of your dreams?


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