Control Your Thinking to Access All Possibilities to a Problem

Several years ago I wanted to go to a spiritual retreat that was happening in Yellowstone. I had no idea how I was going to make this happen. I didn’t have a ride, a place to stay, and I had limited funds. I had all kinds of things stacked against me. But I knew I wanted to go.

I talked to just a couple of people and I ended up with a place to stay because someone needed roommates. I found a ride. Opportunities opened up and I managed to get to Yellowstone.

 Once I got there I had another set of problems. I didn’t know how I was going to get back home because I didn’t have any money. I didn’t have the money to pay for the room, for food, gas for the ride home. But I chose to trust that all possibilities were available to me.

When I got there I found several people that wanted sound sessions. I suddenly had more than enough money to pay for the room, gas, food, etc. I actually came home with money in my pocket. It blew me away!

This was possible because I chose to control my thinking that all possibilities were available to me.  

I could have chosen to say that there were too many obstacles and just not move forward but I chose to trust that I could create anything.

When that happened I was ecstatic because my emotions went off the charts as well.

It’s easy to always stay stuck. It takes much more effort to face the demons, the head trash, and trust that what you want can be yours.

You have to control your thinking for things to happen.  

You have to disallow all the negative thoughts that come up to sabotage you and keep you stuck. If thoughts do come up, you need to acknowledge them and then let them go. “Thank you for visiting but I’m going to trust that what I want can happen.” Then you keep moving forward.

This is how you start taking control of your life. This is how you start living the life you want to live.

I could have easily said, “Oh poor me, I don’t have enough money so there’s no way I can go.” But I didn’t believe that. In a world of infinite possibilities, something can always happen. Because I was open to it, it did happen.

I had no knowledge at all of how this trip would happen. I didn’t even have a feeling. I just chose to trust.

I invite you today to take control of your thinking. Decide what it is that you want and start moving in that direction.  Allow the possibilities to be there.  When you are an open vessel, the Universe has no choice but to start moving you in the direction that you want.

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