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DeStress Your Life Meditation

Soul Evolution

Listen to De-Stress Your Life Meditation and Reconnect Within!​

De-Stress Your Life Meditation allows you four minutes of quiet time for yourself and reconnects you to your true essence. Why not end the following scenario.

No one ever said it was going to be like this. I was in love with wanting a family and being like the Waltons! I love my husband, kids and parents, but what happened to me along the way?

  • My career demands so much of my time and energy in order to provide for my family that I miss. Susie said her first word today and I missed it! John took his first step and I missed it!
  • When I am home, all I want to do is relax from work and I have to feed the kids. They are screaming and fighting, there is not one moment of peace. All I want to do is yell and sometimes I do!
  • After being at work all day, the house is a mess. The babysitter doesn’t clean at all! The house seems dirtier when I get home than when I left in the morning. God knows I don’t want to be judged for being a slob!
  • I love my husband and miss him but I am so exhausted after work, the kids, the house. Our time together seems to get further and further away. He feels like a roommate more than my husband!
  • I love my parents to death but they have become so needy. When did they get so old? I have added two more kids in my life and didn’t even see it coming. I want to make sure they are fine so I pick up groceries for them, sometimes prepare a meal because I don’t know how much more time I will have with them. They ask me to pick up prescriptions and it seems like they are taking more meds and that really scares me. What would I do without my mother?

What if You Found 4 Minutes a Day?​

How in the world would I find 4 minutes in my day to be with me? It’s simple – Just Do It! You are worthy and deserving to have 4 minutes a day for yourself. If you don’t stop running the way you are and take time to smell the roses, your life will pass you by. 

  • That feeling of being unworthy will never leave.
  • Complacency will be a way of life because you are afraid to change.
  • That nagging feeling of feeling alone and pathetic will take up permanent residency.
  • You will die feeling like you wasted your life on what was the “right” thing to do.
  • The worst part is no one will care that you died because you did nothing for yourself that mattered.


We are too busy making plans that we forget to live our life. If you want to increase the quality of your life, then take 4 minutes a day to listen to the De-Stress Your Life Meditation. This unique meditation is based on sound alchemy with the use of tuning forks. You will become: 

You Will Become​

  • Relaxed
  • Centered/Balanced
  • In the flow
  • You will feel whole/complete
  • Life will become magical like when you were a child
  • Money flows regardless of what shows up
  • You will feel more joy, happiness, love
  • Life becomes synchronistic


Nothing will change in your life except your attitude. You come from a place of tranquility and balance. You’re breathing deeper instead of shallowly. Life will look different. What appeared to be chores and challenges will turn into gifts. You might even find the strength to go after your real dreams and not the illusion of what you think life is. 

It is your life. Why not live it the way you want? Find what makes your heart sing and do it. This De-Stress Your Life Meditation is the first step on the life of your dreams.

Click here to receive peace and tranquility in just 4 minutes! It is the perfect way to de-stress and reconnect. You will feel rejuvenated and able to meet the demands of your day ~

The De-Stress Toning Is Beautiful. I Felt It Resonate Through My Entire Body And Clear My Chakras. It Is A Great Way To Start My Day!

Amy A.