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Dream Building Step 5: How to Acknowledge Your Blessings and Gratitude


Today we’re going to talk about Step 5 of Dream Building: How to Acknowledge Your Blessings and Gratitude.

The Four previous How To steps are:

To increase what you have you bless it. You are saying thank you for everything you have in your life: the house you live in, hot water, food in the pantry. Sometimes it can be just that simple. Acknowledge that you are blessed on many levels.

When you start acknowledging and being grateful for what you have, increase starts coming your way.

For example, if you’re in line at the grocery store and decide to say “How are you today?” to the clerk in a genuine matter. You’ve made her day because you actually acknowledged her. You actually showed an interest in someone without wanting anything in return from them.

When things like that are happening to and from you, then more is coming towards you. You might receive an email from someone you’ve been wanting to work with and they are going to say yes to you. Or you might find money. Anything can happen.

I get a kick out of when I find a penny on the ground.

I get a kick out of when I find a penny on the ground.

It may not have a high value but it is a gift. It’s like the Universe is acknowledging me. Something is happening, something is changing and the Universe is acknowledging it.

That’s what I want to do for other people. When I’m feeling blessed, new ideas come in. I’m in a positive vibration. When life gets difficult the degree is less than it could be because I’m in a place of gratitude.

Gratitude plays a huge roll in moving in a new direction.

Gratitude brings up your vibration. You need to be able to bring up your vibration to handle this new life that you want. You can’t get there from the place you are now. If you could have had this new life – this dream – with your current vibration don’t you think you would?

We are about expanding ourselves because we are expanding with the Universe. We’re expanding a bigger version of who we are. We discover more of who we are.

I invite you today to say “thank you” for all the things you have in your life.

Do that throughout the day. And if you feel so inclined, bless someone else. Or take the time to chat with them or even just smile at them. It’s so easy to do and it makes them feel like they’re being acknowledged.

Think about how that makes you feel – you lose some of that feeling of invisibility that we can all struggle with.

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  1. Thank You!!
    I appreciate it the clarity and ease
    I need to stop worrying how can I do more to help my family and just pray gratefully of what I am doing Now!

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