Heal Your Body; Talk To It

Something that I learned a long time ago, and it took a long time to learn it ~ I use to be a migraine sufferer. Since then I’ve stopped getting them, but would like to share a simple but effective technique that might help you to heal your body.

I dealt with migraines where I was debilitated for days and I would do all sorts of things to get rid of them. I learned that the causes ranged from hormones, to foods, to chocolate. It was important to me to address all of these things in order to heal my body from these migraines because I refused to take medication just to take medication.

The last time I had a migraine, I remember being in bed, in excruciating pain and I could not understand why I was there. I had done so much research and had done so many things to heal my body and taking care of myself so as not to cause these migraines.

I Asked My Body

I asked my body, “What is it that is causing this? What are you doing and why are you doing this? Please tell me how I can heal my body because I don’t want to suffer anymore. Show me how to be healthy.”

To my surprise, my body actually answered me. It said that “you asked me to protect you in some way that if you ever got close to the light that I would stop you in some way because you had died so many times in so many ways. You didn’t want to die any more for your cause or whatever your mission was.

I was blown away by what I had heard. I could almost feel and see the day I asked my body to protect me in that way. I said, “I appreciate you telling me what it was and I really appreciate everything that you have done.

“You know what though, I really don’t need your help anymore. This is where I want to go and I know I’m not going to die. Thank you so much for your service.”

I never had another migraine. I get headaches, but I’ve not had one migraine since I had that conversation with my body when I believe I healed my body.

We Do Control Our Bodies

There was something that was very truthful about that conversation because I could feel it in the core of my being. It felt like it was my way of taking control and realizing that we do have control over our bodies. Our bodies do have their own consciousness.

What I know is that we have to do everything we can on the physical level, but when that doesn’t shift the situation, ask your body because it will tell you. Ask to heal your body. Ask how to be healthy.

Then trust what you hear if it feels right. You will feel it deep within your essence and you will know that it is right.



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