How to Access Your Will to Create the Life You Want

Today I want to talk about how to access the Will.  When we think of “Will” we think of willpower.  If I want to change something I will “will” it into existence.  That means we are forcing something. It is very short lived and it’s not going to last.

The Will is part of the spiritual side of who we are that is bigger and more magnificent than we are a far as our human capacity. We just don’t understand how to access the Will in order to create the life that we want to live.

There was a study done on people that were going to die if they didn’t change their lifestyle – their diet or whatever was causing their bodies to fail. 92% of those people actually changed their lifestyle so there was hope that they could keep moving forward. However, 84% of those people couldn’t maintain it.

The reason they couldn’t maintain the lifestyle change is because they didn’t have the knowledge of how to create that new pattern. The Will is about changing our patterns.

Changing our patterns means changing the frequency we are living in. 

If we are in a lower vibrational frequency we need to change that before we can change the patterns in our life.

Changing our frequency doesn’t have to be hard. We can go out and dance, put on some happy music, play, do good deeds. You can start to do a daily meditation, read something positive first thing in the morning.

It’s those little daily practices that are going to start changing your frequency and allow you to start accessing your Will. When you can access your Will you are going to be able to create the life that you want.

For me personally, I am in a place where I feel like everything is stagnant in my life. I know that isn’t true because nothing is ever stagnant. It just appears that way to me now. It’s a resting time.

We are in a vibrational shift as a whole – a true vibrational shift that is transitioning us into the true essences of who we are.

So I’ve been feeling a little frustrated, depressed, concerned, fearful. The whole range of negative feelings that come with a change.

Today I realized that there is nothing I can do about where I’m at. The only thing I can change is what I’m going to do today. And today I’m talking to you.

Today I also went back and looked at Will and how to become bigger than I am right now. The only way to do that is going back into what works for me to access my Will. What works for me is getting quiet and assessing where I’m at and what is it that I can do today.

I can only change what I’m doing right now.

What I can do today is turn it over to Spirit. Sometimes by turning something over to Spirit to take away the pain or the fear or the frustration and asking the simple question of “What is it I can do today?” is all that it takes.

It’s as simple as that. This is an easy way to get into a daily practice to increase your capacity for a higher frequency, to get more access to the Will, and move into the life you would love living.


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