How to Quiet Your Mind

I’d like to share a tip on how you can quiet your mind.

This tip is borrowed from “contemplative prayer” introduced by the Catholic Church many years ago.

When you want to quiet your mind, visualize that you’re on a rowboat in a peaceful, quiet, and tranquil place. You’re bobbing along in the rowboat. A thought comes up, instead of getting upset with yourself, change it to a fish. Observe the fish approaching the boat, and then swimming away.

The thought is there to distract you. The more fish you see, the more mind chatter you have!  

This is how you’re supposed to handle thoughts.

You don’t want to get involved or engaged with them. You don’t want to feel anxious, angry or anything at all about them.

That’s why it’s helpful to look at thoughts as fish.

Another thing I do (and this is so cool to me) is the “So Hum” technique that I shared with you already.

Practicing “So Hum” can elevate you to a Higher Place. 

I hope you have enjoyed this tip on quieting your mind. 

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