How to Use Adversity to Get Better Not Bitter

Today I want to give you a tip on how to maintain who you are and where you are when advertsity hits your life to get better not bitter.

We all will have events that happen in our lives that are horrible and devastating. You can become angry and upset, and that’s a normal initial reaction. But you have the option to allow those feelings to make you bitter or move on and become better. It’s all in how you perceive the event.

Personally, when I went through my divorce I was devastated. I chose not to become bitter but to look at it as a lesson I needed to learn. I made the conscious decision to learn from this lesson instead of allowing bitterness to take over my life.

You always have the choice to make a conscious decision whenever these life events happen to use them to make yourself a better person. Or you can let yourself become a hostage to bitterness.  

I know so many people that have let that bitterness run their lives, to become a victim.  

There is nothing fun about being a victim.  

There is no joy in it. A lot of times this state can start self-perpetuating because people don’t want to be around you when you are in this victim state. You then add the bitterness of abandonment to your list of grievances. You create a prison for yourself.

We all have our own power to choose every day whether we are going to be in empowerment or we are going to be a victim.

I invite you today, whatever is going on in your life, look for the good. Then use that to become a better person and not a bitter person. Allow it to let you grow.

Don’t put judgment on whatever is happening in your life. It’s just an event.  It’s our judgments that make the decisions on whether we see an event as a lesson or something that traps us in negativity.  

Life is so much easier when we’re moving in a positive direction.  

So the next time something bad happens to you step back from your life and look at the event from a different angle. What is the outcome really going to be? Maybe this event that looks so devastating now is going to lead you to a really awesome place that you couldn’t get to without going through this lesson. Try that on and see how it feels.

Why not start today?

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