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How to Use Constructive Thinking to Create Your Dreams

How to Use Constructive Thinking to Create Your Dreams

Today I want to talk about constructive thinking. Last week I talked about having a blueprint of what you want. I also mentioned that a lot of what is in your unconscious mind is going to come to the forefront. This is because your mind is telling you that your blueprint is not part of the image of your life you are seeing.

There is no denying that this is going to happen and that’s okay because this is an unsettling part of your journey. Your ego is freaked out because it doesn’t know where it’s going. The ego does not like uncertainty!

As long as you’re keeping the image of what you want in the forefront of your mind and you’re experiencing it every day, you’re not in denial of what’s going on your current situation. You know what’s in your bank account. You know how your relationships are doing.  

That’s part of where you are but that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way.

Part of the constructive thinking is not taking in what the news media is blaring or what your co-workers are telling you. We think about what we hear and form ideas and thoughts that can knock us off track with our blueprint.  

What we want to do is not allow those trivial things to distract us and run our lives. Most of the news and gossip you are going to hear is negative and that feeds right into our fears. Soon we’ve forgotten that we are entitled to these bigger things we want. Then you’re back into the rut of thinking, “I’ll never get what I want.” That’s simply not true unless you choose to accept that.  

When you take control of your thoughts is when your life begins to change.  

There is going to be upheaval in the beginning because it’s all new. Your stepping out of what’s familiar into the unknown. The ego is terrified of the unknown because it thinks it’s going to die.  The ego isn’t going to die, it’s going to come with you but you are trying to transform it. 

For you to be the powerful being that you are, you have to move into that upheaval and move through it. Create that magic wand for yourself. The more you stay in the dream of what you want and move in that direction, I promise you, you are going to start seeing things unfold.  

You are going to think miracles are happening!

These aren’t miracles – they are the Universe telling you that you are on the right path and giving you the things you need to keep moving towards your purpose. The Universe is going to keep doing this as long as you keep thinking constructively, keep the blueprint in the front of your mind and are moving in the right direction.

Just watch the “miracles” unfold. There is nothing more exciting to realize that, “I did this!” Because you are conscious of this. You are not working from an unconscious or sleeping state. You are consciously making these changes. 

How powerful is that?

How powerful to know that you made a decision and consciously made changes and built your dream. It takes away your ability to play the victim so I hope that isn’t a place you like to hang out. None of us are victims in the sense that we can’t make our dreams a reality because of external issues.  We can choose to accept those external issues or not.

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