Meditation Technique

Meditation TechniqueI learned this meditation technique years ago and really enjoyed it. I found that it allowed me to quiet my mind and took me into a deep sense of meditation. The vibration was amazing.

Basically what you want to do is hum to yourself.

“Soooo” on the inbreath and
“Hummm” on the outbreath.

What happens is you go into a deep state of mediation because you are focused on humming the words “so” and “ hum”, that you are not distracted and it allows your mind to quiet.

If you do have a thought it is barely, if at all, noticeable.

Another thing with this meditation technique is you can actually feel yourself starting to resonate with the universe. I feel like I become more in tune with who I am and can ask the big questions and hear the answers. I also feel like I become one again, with the unverse. Often times we forget that and it’s really powerful to feel that again.

You can have some very profound experiences and deep mediations during this technique. The longer you sit using this technique the less and less you even recall what you are saying.

So if you want to quiet your mind, reconnect with the universe and feel rejuvenated, give yourself about 15 minutes, to sit and use this meditation technique where you hum the words so (on the inbreath) and hum (0n the outbreath). Enjoy!

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