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I have had the pleasure of being a guest on several podcasts. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Reviews from the amazing hosts I had the pleasure of being a guest on their show.

Kathleen was brilliant. Such a beautiful message she is bringing to the world.

Kathleen is such a great guest and I would be happy to recommend her to family, friends, and other hosts/podcasts.

What a treat to have Kathleen on my podcast. Such a powerful healer and intuitive who is truly following her calling!

Kathleen is amazing, and full of insight.  She is easy to work with and communicate with!!!

Kathleen was a great guest to work with. She was flexible and easy to interview. I loved having her on as a guest. Such a  great easy to absorb interview for my listeners!

Kathleen was a terrific guest. Her message was inspiring and very relatable. What a compelling, heart-based conversation.

She’s Awesome! I learnt so many interesting things. Would be over delighted to have her again.

She is warm, friendly and a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. A wonderful guest

Kathleen is awesome! Loved her energy and conversation. Really good content!

Kathleen’s presence as a guest was beautiful.  She gave great explanations and shared her story in a deeply inspiring way.  A pleasure to speak with.

Kathleen is a vivacious and amazing guest. I loved her ease of discussion.

The Journey of My Mother's Son

Kathleen was a great guest.  Very engaging and insightful.  I really enjoyed having her on my show.

Kathleen and I enjoyed  the light together. She is a most informed guest, and great interview.

Easy to talk to, very knowledgable and very giving with her time.
infusion Health

great talker and celebrates life

Kathleen has such a great personality. I truly enjoyed our conversation. She has an amazing sense of humour, her words are insightful and she provides so much value.

Excellent guest.

Kathleen is spunky and vivacious and very sensitive and fun. I enjoyed hearing her wild perspective on ultimate reality.

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