Moving Beyond Reason to Create the Life You Want Today

Let’s talk about reason.

Our reasoning capacities are meant to be used not just in the material realm, but also in the spiritual realm. After all, a Spirit-led life will cause you to do more.

While it is easier to reason through our five senses—sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste—we also need to take hold of the additional resources available to us in the spiritual realm.

Keep in mind that there are so many forces that will hinder you as you try to make something happen. But as you use all your mental faculties—your future memory, perception, will, and reasoning—you can start moving into creating the life you would love living!

Are you going to worry?
Are you going to be mean?
Are you going to let other people’s mood affect yours?
Or are you going to sit back and relax?

The world we live in is challenging. Managing daily responsibilities and dealing with other people is hard. But that is not an excuse to NOT feel good.

It is your choice. You are in control.

Watch this video where I share with you my take on how I move beyond reason so I can create the life I want.

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