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Say Goodbye To Your Internal Judgement

Why You Need To Say Goodbye To Your Internal Judgement

Today I want to talk about Internal Judgement. Did you know that when you are born you were operating at a genius capacity?

Studies have shown that 99.99% of kids born are operating at a genius capacity. The reason for that is that our learning curve is very steep. We are in a new world and we’re testing out our environment. We’re learning about our bodies, to speak, to walk, eye-hand coordination, how to interact with others. It’s a huge amount of information to learn and process.

Studies also went on to find that at 5 years of age only 20% of children were operating at their genius capacity. At 20 years old, only 2% are operating at that capacity. That’s an amazing drop.

If we are all born with all of this ability to process information, learn and grow, why has it dropped to only 2% of people by the age of 20? What happened to the other 98% of children that were operating at this level? 

The research found that it is our Internal Judgment at work.

When we were feeling insecure or scared, we looked for approval from our parents, friends, relatives for the things we were or were not doing.  Sometimes it could be that we went out to experiment and our parents, in trying to protect us, told us that we were doing something wrong or dangerous. All the things they did to protect us, we took in and internalized.  

At that point, we stopped trusting our own decision-making process. That’s fine as a child because you are still learning. But when you become an adult, that’s a totally different world: we are fully aware of our environment, have different levels of formal education, years of experiences to draw on.  

What it comes down to is that we use that Internal Judgement to keep up a constant internal dialog.  

“I’m not worthy, I’m not smart enough, the other guy has it easier than I do or more advantages.” That is how you interpreted something you were told as a child, and internalized it. It doesn’t mean that was the intention of the adult. It very well may have just been a protective gesture from an adult or something that you didn’t have the context to understand.

As an adult, I’m inviting you today to pay attention to those thoughts. When you want to move in a new direction or try something a little different but you find yourself bumping up against fear and/or doubt, listen to what your thoughts are saying. Then say, “I acknowledge that you’re here to protect me but I’m going to do this anyway today to see what it’s like to move in this direction.”  

Take that Internal Judgment and put it on a back burner –  just for today.

Our Internal Judgments are the biggest obstacle to accomplishing anything. In order to change that, it’s up to you. Just for today throw all caution to the wind and make this the best day!

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