I offer many services either in person or remotely. These are just a few:

Coaching Services

  • One-on-One ~ A coach is the catalyst that helps you to unstoppable personal achievement.
  • Group or Team ~ Group or Team coaching creates an environment of additional support when you are up against it!


Harmonic Healing Services:

Coming Soon:

Metaphysical Study Courses

  • Akashic Records
  • Metaphysical Course

Harmonic Healing Services

You have your choice of Coaching and Harmonic Healing Sessions in person, phone, skype or zoom. Package discounts are also available.

Here is what others have to say of their experiences:

Beth Raines writes to us about her Harmonic Healing Session…
I have found that Kathleen seems to open whatever psychic door that needs opening at the time of our session. At first it was to connect me with my wife who had recently passed away. After that, the continued work we shared opened even more doors and helped me to retain the magical connection with my wife. Connecting the form and the formless. What a wonderful gift.

Brenda Hubers writes us about her Harmonic Healing Session…
My experience with Kathleen’s sessions have been that I was shown what is possible and what I need to work on. For me, I was shown the gift that I should not take for granted and the feminine side that I must learn to embrace. Each session is very personal in that we all have different area’s of discovery.

Linda Latone writes us about her Harmonic Healing Session…
Every time that Kathleen and I have a session I feel opened and aware of the energy that flows through me and I can then continue to be conscious of the growth that I am attaining. I was brought to tears by the unexpected arrival of my sister, Laurie, that had passed away a long time ago. I could feel the difference of Kathleen’s touch and energy and I knew it was Laurie!  I could feel the love that we have always had and words fail to express the beauty of talking to her, of honoring each other, of being with her again. Joyful, Joyful, Heaven on Earth feelings! I can still go back to the feeling of that session and still feel her touch, her energy, her love. What a beautiful gift!

Birgitta Ek writes us about her Harmonic Healing Session… 
In 2008, I was in a car accident. Sound Therapy is what helped me get through the week. Kathleen worked on my trigger points and with the use of sound, it helped me continue working while I was recovering with less pain. I had several places that the pain would hide and Kathleen would find all the hiding places and push them out using essential oils and sound. She put a blend together called Ethers and when I breathed it in, it took away my headaches immediately. If you are in severe pain from an accident or a job that you do the same thing over and over again, this Trigger point sound therapy would help you. Sound therapy has done so much more then relieve my pain. It has helped with calming my nerves and calming my soul. With all the sound, it helps calm down the high strung energy from the Trauma after an accident, including driving again. So, I will have to tell you that this is the most wonderful experience you will ever have.