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4 Steps To Achieving Goals Quickly

You have goals you wish to accomplish, right? Yet, they go unfilled for the following reasons:

  • You lack the discipline.
  • It’s insurmountable.
  • You don’t deserve it.
  • You’re not like so and so.
  • Something is lacking inside.
  • God wants me to suffer.


Simply, you lack discipline. You haven’t thought about ~

  1. Your purpose behind your goal.
  2. What it would feel like to have it.
  3. You don’t live as if.
  4. You don’t think taking the smallest step has any impact.


Once you know why you want it and it’s heartfelt, you accomplish it. Here are the 4 steps to achieving your goals quickly.

1. What do you want?

For example, stating “I want more money” means absolutely nothing.

2. Why do you want more money?

  • Is it to buy a house?
  • A new car?
  • Go on vacation?
  • Be debt free?

A. How much money do you want?

       1.  Is it for the down payment on the house?

           i.  What size house?

           ii.  Is it new or old?

           iii.  How many bedrooms/bathrooms?

           iv.   Where is it?

       2.   The car? 

           i.  Do you want to pay cash for the car?

           ii.  Or, just the down payment?

       3.  Where do you want to go on vacation?

            i.  Is it to cover travel expenses only?

           ii.  The whole trip?

           iii.  Did you want to pay for your parents to join you?

       4.   How much money do you need to pay off your credit card debt?

Do you see the reasoning behind the questions?

3. What’s the purpose?

What will you do with the extra money?

  • Start a savings plan.
  • Eliminate your daily Starbucks habit and put the cash in the piggy bank.
  • Say no to impulses.
  • Hide the money in a sock and forget its there.

4. What are your action steps?

What are you going to do to achieve your goal?

  • Get a part-time job?
  • Ask for a raise?
  • Take your hobby and sell what you’ve made?


The reason you don’t accomplish your goals is that you have unconscious thoughts that run your life. One of my biggest aha moments was when I realized “I work to pay my bills.” I learned that from my mother. My goal was to make money for myself since I set out on the entrepreneurial journey. I was struggling and beating my head against the wall. Thank gosh I didn’t have any bills at the time or I would have panicked. In essence, I was working for free since I had no bills to pay. Wow was that an eye opener. I realized I got what I asked for. I had to change that “program” to “I like money and it supports me in….

Just like you, you ALWAYS get what you ask for. If you don’t know what you’re thinking it’s hard to change. But when you have a clear and focused intention on something and you’re committed to achieving it – by doing what it takes – will you see those unconscious thoughts that stand in your way.

Every Goal Requires Action Steps

  • Baby steps are the best
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Measure them
  • Hold yourself accountable

This centering exercise gets you dialed in by committing to your goal, why you want to achieve it and what you are willing to do to achieve it. The more specific you are the greater success.

The meditation is two minutes long. Set a time each day with the intention to accomplish your goal. Clarity, intention and actions steps guarantee success.

Only you can achieve your goals. The Centering Meditation ensures your success. Good Luck! $5.99