Heal Emotionally Now

Many of us need healing in different areas of our lives. Personal relationships are the hardest. Finding a resolution to your unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships is a wonderful way to find inner peace.


This isn’t something that we can do face-to-face, in person and on the physical plane at times. If resolution is possible with direct contact, that is the best way to find peace.

When we have exhausted all means to resolve the negative connections, we feel incomplete that can haunt us for days, months, and even years.

Are you feeling…

  • Hopeless in relationships that turn bad
  • Abandoned and misunderstood
  • As if your voice and feelings don’t matter
  • Frustrated that you can’t seem to make any relationship work
  • All the relationships you attract are unhealthy and one-sided…?

How would you feel if:

  • you found peace in situations where the relationship was estranged?
  • to FINALLY be heard and speak your truth without fear of being judged, interrupted, or made to feel wrong?

How would you like to have resolution in some way with those unhealthy relationships so you can START attracting healthier ones?

This healing meditation will help you with that and more!

“The healing meditation is amazing! The toning and resonance helped me to quickly get into a deep meditation and relaxed state. I felt very safe and blessed by the angel guides.” Amy A.

In a safe environment, the healing meditation helps you go within, takes you to a high temple in your mind, where both the conflicted person and you come together to find a peaceful resolution. The conversation is calm, rationale, and intelligent, where you are both able to speak and be heard. You’ll call in a healing angel to help remove any energetic ties from your chakras from the other person and vice-versa, releasing you and finding inner peace.

After this meditation, you’ll experience…

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Less inner conflict
  3. Euphoria
  4. And hope for better current and future relationships

This healing meditation helps you heal those relationships that cannot be resolved, including the deceased. You will live a more conscious peaceful life. It is the the first step in living the life of your dreams, without sacrifice. That is your birthright.

Kathleen Flanagan is committed to serving the people of the Earth through the ascension process. She believes that spiritual growth is needed to become self-realized and is passionate about helping you towards the next step in your evolution. Walking through the steps of her own magnificent advancement, Kathleen is honored to support and love those on their spiritual journey. Kathleen is the CEO and Founder of Awakening Spirit, an Aromatherapist, a Vibrational Expert and Mentor, Esthetician and Author. Her book series Dancing Souls is an A-Z guide to your evolution. Kathleen M. Flanagan, Multi-Award Winning Author of Dancing Souls Merging Heaven and Earth – Book One: The Call