Simple Technique To Face Your Fears

To face your fears is no easy task. At times it can be daunting and overwhelming.  You think your goals and/or dreams are too big, you start to feel undeserving, questioning yourself and your life. You begin feeling as if your dreams are too big, unreachable — that’s when fear sits right down in the middle of it all!

The Universe is verifying that you are really committed to your goals and dreams. You might start to get into what I call your “trash mind”, where your head is full of so much resistance you can’t even think straight. So how much are you willing to do to live the life of your dreams?

Our goals and dreams take time. There’s no denying that. We have to learn to move out of our own way and get rid of our own garbage along the way. Fear is such a huge factor in all of it.

But you must keep your eye on what you want if you intend to achieve it.

How To Face Your Fears

You need to stop, quiet your mind and go back to the place where you can relive your dream. Feel what it feels like to take ownership of your dreams and then take one small baby step forward. You’ll probably still feel the fear, but that’s ok because guess what, we don’t live in a TV sitcom or drama where everything is resolved in an hour.

Some of you might be saying, “but I don’t feel fearful”, yet you are not making one step forward towards your goals and dreams, guess what?  You’re in fear.

You need to keep your mind quiet, focused on what it will feel like 1 year, 3 years or even 5 years from now once your living your goals and dreams. Know that with each step forward, you are getting closer and fear is getting farther. When you are moving forward, no matter how small the steps, things will start moving with you, people and places will start showing themselves to you, helping you, supporting you.

Remember, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

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