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Spirit Message Received via Automobile Part 2

Spirit Message Received via Automobile Part 2

This post was originally posted on September 26, 2017 and updated on August 17, 2019.

How Your Car Reflects Your Body

Today I want to continue talking about messages received from Spirit.

Last week I told you about my return trip home when cars werer following me (in a good way) and some of the issues I had with my car. One of the issues that came up was that the alternator was going out. This was causing my battery to lose charge suddenly.

My mechanic told me that the alternator helps to regulate the energy or the voltage throughout the car. I thought this was interesting because first the stabilizer was out and I’m feeling wobbly within my own body and psyche. My alternator is going out and I’m also over charging personally because my energy isn’t regulated. I’m going into overload.

The car definitely was representing what I was feeling physically and emotionally.

I was talking to my coach and I realized I needed to take some time and process things. There were issues with the court battle I’ve spoken about before that I needed to integrate. I was in the process of redoing all the bathrooms in the house and that was very disruptive.

There was a lot of disruption in my life at the time. Therefor I needed to work on feeling calmer or more at peace. All these things can make you feel out of control, although I hadn’t lost control of anything. Life has just been disruptive.

I wanted to point out that if you are having car problems, pay attention. It could very well be a message about something you need to pay attention to in your body or your life.

I remember years ago I first thought about this because if I was feeling exhausted when I’d go out to my car to go to work it wouldn’t start. I’d either have to call AAA to get my car jumped or face the fact that I needed to rest.

If your breaks are failing then your not putting the breaks on in your life and you’re out of control. Your batter is you energy level. If it’s the alternator, are you regulating your energy? How are you handling or coping with things that are happening in your life?

If you get hit in a car accident from behind, you’re not looking behind you to realize patterns or lessons you need to see from your past. Hit from the side you are not looking to the left or the right.

These are messages that are coming in from Spirit.

Something coming from the left is usually very symbolic of Spirit. You’re not listening to Spirit. Most people do get hit from the left because they don’t want to see what’s coming.

Your messages can be the simplest things in the world. Pay attention – that’s all you need to do to hear with Spirit has to tell you.

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