How to Use Gratitude For The Simple Choices

Today I want to give you the first of five steps of how you can stay in control of your life. We are all given the same opportunities every single day and every day is a brand new day. Today is not the same as yesterday and it is not the same as the day we are going to have tomorrow.  

This technique comes from my friend Jack in Michigan – he actually uses his fingers to remind him of where he’s at. The first one he uses is a thumbs up.

We wake up in the morning and it’s a brand new day. […]


Your Higher Self Is Calling

The pattern of the great you is found by combining your higher self with your humanity.

We walk around and think about what we want, want we don’t want, our negative and positive views about ourselves, etc.

However, that’s just one side of who we are.

There is another side of you and that is your higher self. Some  people call it spirit, some call it God.

You can learn how to walk in your divinity, or your higher self, while you’re still living in your humanity. It’s a balance beam that we to learn how to manage.

How we can create this balance you ask? Through humility.

When […]