Why You Need To Create Sufficient Time For Fun In Your Life

To start the new year right, I want to talk about something that we don’t place enough importance on – creating sufficient time for fun in your life.

It’s counter intuitive, but the most successful people in the world know the importance of building fun and relaxation into their schedule.  

A tip I want to give you that can help you create this space is to take 30 minutes to write down five things that are fun for you. Then carve out 30 minutes in your schedule for the next 5 days to do those activities.

When you’re having fun the world seems to open up to you.

There is more joy. There is decreased negativity. It can immediately take you out of that downward spiral that our busy lives can throw us into.

My personal favorite way to have fun is ballroom dancing. It brings me so much joy.  My instructor is constantly pushing me to do just a little more. I find myself laughing because he wants me to one thing and my body has an entirely different idea. There is nothing you can do about it when your body takes over and it just makes me laugh.

When I come out of a dance class my mind is in an entirely different state of mind. The world looks brighter, I get creative. It’s a joyful place to be.

I am constantly on the lookout for things to do that are just fun. You don’t have to go out and look just for structured activities like dance classes.  Some days I can spend 30 minutes talking with a tenant in my office space and find myself laughing about the stupidest things. That’s just having fun.

Having that “fun” break in your day can change your entire life. It makes it brighter, it breaks up any negativity we might be experiencing, and it can open you up to be more creative and productive.

So today go out and spend 30 minutes having fun and see how much your life changes. It’s all in our thinking all the time. What you are thinking about is what is showing up in your life. If you’re having fun then fun things are going to keep showing up in your life.

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