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You Are Deathless: Nicole Kerr’s Epic Journey To Find Truth


In a recent podcast episode, Kathleen Flanagan welcomed a remarkable guest, Nicole Kerr, to share her profound journey from tragedy to becoming an awakening spirit. Nicole, a near-death experiencer (NDE), recounted her life-altering encounters, shedding light on the transformative power of adversity and the importance of embracing spirituality. Her narrative is a testament to resilience, self-discovery, and the profound shifts that can occur when faced with life’s most challenging moments.

The Awakening Journey:

Nicole began her extraordinary tale by reflecting on her delayed entrance into the world, a hint perhaps that she intuited the challenges that awaited her. Her adulthood unfolded against a backdrop of pain and suffering, exacerbated by two near-death experiences. Nicole emphasized the transformative impact of NDEs, noting that those who undergo such ordeals return with heightened sensitivity to energies and a unique perspective gained from glimpsing the other side.

Military Academy and Near-Death Experience:

Nicole’s awakening journey took a pivotal turn during her time at a military academy. Driven by a desire to please her father, she found herself in an environment that felt incongruent with her true self. A near-death experience occurred during her tenure, surviving a car crash that should have been unsurvivable, thanks to the intervention of an unknown angelic presence.

The Impact of Trauma and Misdiagnosis:

Following the accident, Nicole faced physical and mental challenges, including an eating disorder that persisted for two decades. She highlighted the importance of addressing mental health issues stemming from trauma and emphasized the need for professional help. Nicole shared her struggles with misdiagnoses and the subsequent journey through various therapeutic modalities, illustrating the complexities of healing from deep-rooted trauma.

Resilience and Rediscovery:

Despite facing a myriad of challenges, including a four-month hospitalization and multiple life-threatening incidents, Nicole displayed unwavering resilience. Her journey involved a gradual unraveling of repressed memories, leading to a profound spiritual awakening. 

The Spiritual Awakening:

Nicole’s account delved into the spiritual aspects of her journey, emphasizing the transformative nature of death and the interconnectedness of souls. She stressed the importance of understanding that our physical forms are temporary, but our souls continue to evolve through various lifetimes. The message to not fear death resonated as a key takeaway from her experiences on the other side.

Changing the Narrative on Death:

A significant part of Nicole’s message revolved around changing the societal narrative on death. She urged listeners to acknowledge death as a natural part of life and emphasized the need for open conversations and preparations for this inevitable transition. Nicole’s profound insight challenged the prevailing death-denying attitudes, encouraging individuals to live more meaningful, present, and loving lives.


Nicole Kerr’s journey from tragedy to becoming an awakening spirit is a testament to the indomitable human spirit’s capacity for resilience and growth. Her story serves as an inspiration for those navigating their own struggles, inviting reflection on the transformative power of adversity and the significance of embracing spirituality in the face of life’s challenges.

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