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Embracing Change: A Journey of Spiritual Awakening

embrace change

Last week’s show brought a whirlwind of unexpected events, leading to significant changes in my life. As I was preparing for today’s blog, I had something else scheduled, but I felt the need to share what transpired after last week’s show. It’s essential to be real and transparent about our experiences, and that’s precisely what I want to do today.

After the show, I received a message from Spirit advising me to ask for guidance rather than seeking answers myself. In retrospect, I realized that I was an expert at looking for answers within myself, often diving deep to find solutions. But this time, Spirit wanted me to surrender control and ask for guidance.

One aspect of my life that required my attention was my basement crawl space, filled with boxes of bottles from Awakening Spirit, my aromatherapy company. While I had been managing well, there was a subtle sense of overwhelm. I kept putting off dealing with it until this past weekend when I finally decided to face it head-on.

To my dismay, the crawl space was worse than I had imagined, with some boxes severely damaged by mold and water. It was frustrating, and at that moment, I found myself venting in sheer frustration. I questioned why I had been carrying these bottles around for 25 years. However, this emotional release was a significant turning point.

During this time, I received a call from my spiritual friend, Ken, who started pouring out a wealth of information about spirituality, numerology, science, and the deeper meaning of everything. As he spoke, I realized that all these downloads were guiding me toward a new understanding of Awakening Spirit’s true essence.

The bottles that had turned moldy and the struggles with my company served as potent symbols of the emotions and beliefs I needed to address. Ken’s insights helped me grasp that it wasn’t the right time for these bottles to move, just as there were still unresolved aspects of my business and personal journey.

After a night of contemplation, I experienced an “aha” moment. I now know what Awakening Spirit truly represents—a path to reconnect with our spiritual selves, raise our vibrations, and rediscover our essence. My company’s purpose extends far beyond merely creating aromatherapy products; it’s about facilitating a profound mind-body-spirit connection.

With this newfound clarity, I am excited about the changes I will be making in Awakening Spirit. Sustainability will play a more significant role, aligning with my beliefs and values. Additionally, I will introduce a new message that emphasizes the essential connection between spirituality, body, mind, and DNA.

But my journey doesn’t end there. I’m also embarking on a more profound spiritual connection that had taken a temporary sabbatical. I am open to the guidance of the universe, allowing it to lead me on the right path. Astrological shifts and celestial events are aligning, reinforcing the notion that transformation is underway.

Through this process, I’ve realized the importance of surrendering control and trusting the universe’s divine timing. Just like in the movie “Serendipity,” where the main character had to let go to find what he was looking for, sometimes, we must release our grip on things to allow them to flow into our lives naturally.

Life is ever-changing, and it’s essential to embrace these shifts and learn from them. I have come to understand that even in moments of frustration or overwhelm, there is a lesson to be learned. By connecting with ourselves and the universe, we gain insights that lead us toward growth and self-awareness.

As I move forward on this journey of spiritual awakening, I want to remind you all that life will present challenges, but it is how we respond that matters most. Each obstacle is an opportunity to deepen our understanding, enhance our consciousness, and align ourselves with our true purpose.

Embrace change, welcome the unknown, and trust in the universe’s divine plan. Remember, there is always a message, a lesson, and a blessing in every experience. May we all be open to receiving guidance and remain transparent and authentic on our unique paths of self-discovery.

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