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Inner Guide Meditation

We all are born into this life with everything we need to fulfill our purpose. You have all the wisdom and knowledge that you will ever need within you. As a child, you are intuitively connected to this Inner Wisdom or Inner Guide. As you grow older and shaped by the adults around you, your culture, and your peers, you begin to stifle that little voice that speaks to you when you need guidance.

Your Inner Guide is still very much a part of you. Its voice can be hard to connect with after years of suppression. 

Our Ego also doesn’t want to acknowledge this Inner Guide. It will find many ways to trick you. For example, by ignoring it or simply not hearing this inner resource when you most need it. The Ego hates change. Your Inner Guide is all about change and moving you forward towards your dreams, goals, and purpose.  

The Purpose

The purpose of the Inner Guide Meditation is for you to have the experience of connecting with your Guide. You will receive answers to your questions and get you on your path to enlightenment.

This meditation is a one-on-one guided meditation designed to gather the responses to questions from YOUR Inner Guide. You are guided by me via Skype or a phone call. The session will take approximately one hour. I will put you into a deep state of meditation and then proceed to ask you a series of questions. The questions will appear to not make sense. This is to allow you to stay in trance and answer what you hear. The ego has a tendency to trick you and this helps to stop the ego from taking over.

When the meditation is complete, I will discuss with you what transpired in the meditation. I will fill in any blanks or go further into an answer that may have been unclear at the time. I have a tendency to walk with you in the meditation. If anything strange occurs, you will be safe in the protective container I am holding for this session. You are completely safe on this journey and you will have a greater sense of your own beingness.

The gifts you receive on this meditation will actually allow you to move forward on your sojourn through life.

What’s Next

After you purchase the Inner Guide Meditation, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your one-hour session. If you don’t receive your email, check your Spam folder, then contact me HERE if you still can’t find it. $100.00