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The Magic of Starting Over

Imagine letting go of past mistakes and experiences that haunt you every day. Imagine being free of the guilt, blame, shame, and regret that prevent you from reinventing yourself and having a bright future. Wouldn’t that be wonderful and life-changing? It would give you the opportunity to:

• Start loving yourself again
• Improve your self-esteem
• Stop obsessing over ‘What if’ and ‘what could have been’
• Start working towards a fresh start and a successful future

Yet, even when you know about the benefits of letting go and starting over, it is still a very difficult process. Often, thoughts like “I can’t believe I did that” and “I hate myself” invade your mind constantly, pulling you back to square one. The past weighs heavily on your conscience keeping you stuck in a never-ending cycle of pity parties.

Soon the time that you waste being stuck in the past also becomes something else that you feel ashamed of. The truth is, it is difficult to let go of past events especially when they are painful or traumatic.

However, it is not impossible to move on from the past and rewrite the script of your life. $9.99