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Are You Taking Baby Steps on the Road to Your Best Life?

Are You Taking Baby Steps on the Road to Your Best Life?

Today I want to talk about baby steps. Are you taking baby steps on the road to your best life? When I started my business, Awakening Spirit, 20-plus years ago, I did it by taking baby steps without even realizing I was doing it.

We live in a 7-11 world. The microwave is too slow and all our problems are solved in an hour if we base our experience on the TV shows we watch.  That is not what real life is or what running a business is like.

When I started my company, I had a lot of head work I had to do. First I had to realize that I was worthy and deserving. I also wanted to be very intentional about how I was going to be when I had a lot of money. I know some people can get very ugly when they get a lot of money and I didn’t want to be that person. I wanted to still be grounded, centered and very focused on people.

I also discovered that at time, I had to go back to work to pay my bills. At first, I thought of myself as a failure even though in reality I was just going through a learning experience. It turned out those were gifts given to me and I was taking a baby step and resting in between.

Whenever I had to go back to work, I usually met someone I needed to meet or found an answer or guidance that helped me move my business in a direction I didn’t expect to take. Or, I became more enlightened about something in my business that I didn’t know anything about.

Those times I had to rest from my company were always gifts. 

I had to make myself start looking at these experiences that felt like “failures” as gifts. It was giving myself an opportunity to expand who I was so I could expand my business.

I also learned during that period that I should rest from my company occasionally. I took side trips during those periods too. I became an esthetician which actually helped my business. I am now becoming a coach which is helping my business even more.

I realized that the name of my company – Awakening Spirit – is exactly what I was doing. I am awakening my Spirit. I am teaching you how to awaken your Spirit.  

The essence of who we are is Spirit. 

We came here to learn. That doesn’t mean you are going to have everything you want in 5 minutes or an hour. That’s not how life works. Things take time.  

When you have a lot of garbage in your head, you have to clear it in order to feel worthy and deserving so you can move on to what you came here to do. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you learn it because once you learn it, you don’t have to go through those experiences or lessons again. I think that is the greatest part – you can stop repeating the same negative experiences once you learn what they are trying to teach you.

I’m taking baby steps and I’m resting in between. Things come up for us and sometimes it flattens us. We need to rest when that happens. In that resting, we get spiritual guidance, become more creative, new ideas come in. These ideas can change everything and make the stuck places work. That is the great part about taking baby steps – and you have to really know that it’s okay. You’re never going to have what you want in 30 seconds. It’s not going to happen and once you accept that you can relax and enjoy life a little more.

What baby step are you taking today? 

Or are you in a resting phase with your business, your goal, your dream?  Whatever it is, enjoy the ride. Because that’s the whole point. It’s not the destination but the journey that is important. That took me a long time to learn.

On my journey, I have met some amazing people and I’ve learned so much about myself.  The road is also never straight. It’s crooked, it’s uphill and downhill. That’s what real life looks like and that’s where the learning is.

Enjoy your journey!

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