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Dream Building Step 2: How to Test Your Dream

Dream Building Step 2 - How to Test Your Dream

Today I want to talk about Step 2 in Dream Building. We covered Step 1 last week – “Honoring Your Discontent.” You can find this blog/video HERE. Step 2 is “How to Test Your Dream.”

There are five questions you need to ask yourself to determine if this is the dream you want to pursue. What you are doing is exchanging your time for your dream. Our time is our most valuable asset because we never know how much time we have. It’s going to take time to build things and you have to make sure it’s worthy of you.

To test your dream the questions you need to ask are:

1. Would I feel more alive?
2. Would it require that I grow?
3. Is my dream in alignment with my core values?
4. Do I need help from a higher power?
5. Is there some good in my dream for others?

In case you haven’t already figured this out – the answer to these all need to be “yes.” These five questions are designed to keep you driving within the lines of the right lane for your life.

If your dream is not aligned with your core values, it’s never going to happen.

If your dream is not aligned with your core values, then it’s not really your dream. It may be what you think you need to do or a path someone else has convinced you to take, but it’s not YOUR dream.

If you know every step you need to do to complete your dream then it isn’t a big enough dream for you.

This is about the discovery of your highest self. When you are working with the Universe, God, the Creator you are co-creating. There is no way that you can accomplish this kind of dream without help from a higher power.

I have a huge dream but I don’t know how I’m going to get there or who is going to come along to help me. It’s amazing but as long as I’m moving in that direction things are coming to me to help me in building my dream. This is because I stay in the belief that the Universe is going to provide what I need when I need it. And it does as long as I’m moving in the right direction.

These are the questions you want to ask to determine if your dream is big enough for you.

They will also help you determine if your dream is worthy of you. If any of these questions don’t produce not only a “yes” answer but one that resonates deeply with you, then you aren’t dreaming big enough. So let’s go back to the drawing board and come up with something bigger!

Next week we’ll cover Step 3 of Dream Building.

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