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Dream Building Step 3: The “You Are Deserving” Mindset

Dream Building Step 3: The You Are Deserving Mindset

Today we are covering Dream Building Step 3: The “You Are Deserving” Mindset. Step 1 was “Honoring Your Discontent.” Step 2 was “Testing Your Dream.”

When we have gone through Step 1 and 2 and have decided to follow our dream because it is worthy of us and we get all excited, guess what happens? Our ego rears it’s ugly head and starts telling you stories like:
* ”What makes you think you can have this?”
* ”Why do you think you deserve this?”
* ”Remember all these other times that you tried something and failed.”

The ego is always going to come in and try and derail your dream.

What you do when this happens is to say to yourself, “Up until now.” Up until now, that was what happened but now I’m working with the Universe. I’m working with forces that can keep the entire Universe running in perfect harmony and balance. Therefore, since I’m working with the Universe I can now move in this new direction.

This is also about fear.

This is how fear manifests itself because we all have an internal dialog and stories. It’s time for that to end. You already know that this is worthy of your time because you’ve asked the questions in Step 2. So you are going to have to change your mindset from “I can’t” to “I can and I deserve it.”

Your ego is not the only one that is going to throw negative stories at you.

People in your life can also contribute to this. People often don’t want you to change because it takes them out of their own comfort zone. If you’re changing they are either going to have to change too or walk out of your life. Neither of these options is comfortable.

It comes down to really feeling that you deserve your dream. And you have to go through the process of changing your mindset to get there. We all have a lot of head trash about what we deserve and it’s time to get rid of it.

I know I still have my own dialogs that still come out – the head trash that I’ve had forever. Now I stop it with three little words: Up until now. Up until now, this was true. Today is a different story. Today I am working with my creator who is helping and guiding me.

Three simple but very powerful words. Up Until Now.

When you say “Up until now” you stop the head trash. You’re moving in your new direction. And you’re saying “I’m going to move through my fear,” and you do it!

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