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Dream Building Step 4: How to Manage Your Fear

Dream Building Step 4: How to Manage Your Fear

Today we are covering Step 4 of Dream Building. The past three weeks we covered:

  • Step 1:How to Honor Your Discontent
  • Step 2: How to Test Your Dream
  • Step 3: The “You Are Deserving” Mindset

This week’s lesson is how to manage your fear.

First you need to understand what fear is. It’s nothing more than a border guard. It stands between where you are today in your reality and where you want to go. We unconsciously (and consciously) avoid discomfort and moving towards a big dream is definitely uncomfortable.

When fear rises instead of entertaining it as real or letting it immobilize you, the best thing you can do is honor it and make an appointment. For example, you can tell fear, “Friday at 3:00 we will have a conversation.

You want to make an appointment with fear three days into the future.

Fear is going to always show up when you make any new movement forward. When you’re moving forward and getting excited and then fear catches up with you, all you have to do is make an appointment.

You want to go three days out because in that time period you can create a huge difference in your life. Even if it’s just a 1 degree change you will be in a totally different place in your life than you are today.

Managing your fear is a huge factor in moving towards your dream.

Even if you don’t know how to get where you want to be, the Power that you’re working with does. When you get fear out of the way that means there is space for something else to come in. And you can move in a new direction. Now you are taking that step, fear is taking a backseat because you’ve made the appointment to deal with it, and you keep moving in that forward direction.

Don’t think that Einstein or Edison or any of the great names in history didn’t have fear. They had fear every step of the way despite the huge changes they made on our planet. Even Einstein said that you can never find the solution to a problem when you are in the same place you created it. You have to step higher.

So putting your great in the backseat is the perfect solution to allow you to move forward or higher in building your dream.

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