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Hawaii: A Portal for the New Earth Awakening

Kaui Hawaii


Life often takes us on unexpected journeys, where moments of despair can lead to profound transformations. Over two decades ago, Spry found himself in the midst of chaos and reached out to the angels, seeking a tangible connection with them. Little did he know that this moment would spark an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, guidance, and a vision of a new world. In this blog post, Seph will share his personal experience and insights into how Hawaii, the Big Island, is playing a crucial role as a portal for the emergence of the New Earth.


A Divine Encounter

During that pivotal moment in his life, the angels came to him in a profound way. Seph felt their touch, heard their words, and sensed their presence. This marked the beginning of a unique relationship with these celestial beings. They guided him, and whenever he followed their guidance, miraculous events unfolded. This extraordinary connection was his secret for many years, as speaking openly about such experiences was not common at the time.

The Revelation

As his communication with the angels deepened, they unveiled a grand vision—the coming of Heaven on Earth. They explained that humanity was on the cusp of a monumental shift, a transformation that would render our existing systems obsolete. Governments, monetary systems, religions, and even healthcare would lose their hold on us as we realized our innate power to heal and create through consciousness.

Unveiling the Matrix

The angels revealed that the world we knew was entangled in a complex web, what we might call the Matrix. The central narrative, however, is not the dissolution of this Matrix but rather humanity’s awakening to its true potential. We all have the ability to access the memory of our highest selves and co-create a new reality.

Hawaii: A Unique Experience

Several months ago, the angels led Seph to Hawaii, specifically the Big Island. Their guidance was precise, providing him with a specific date, accommodation, and a rental car. It didn’t take long for him to realize that Hawaii held a unique energetic frequency—a portal for New Earth blueprints. This island was an activation, a vibration, and a homecoming.

The Aloha Spirit

Hawaii is not only known for its breathtaking natural beauty but also for its energetic essence—the Aloha spirit. This spirit aligns with the frequencies of the New Earth, fostering an environment of open hearts and healing. Hawaii is a sacred place where the Earth’s energy is being rekindled.

Resilience and Transformation

Recent events, such as the fires in Maui and Lahaina, have demonstrated Hawaii’s role in ushering in the New Earth. These challenges serve as catalysts for transformation, pushing humanity to rediscover its innate power. Seph witnessed the resilience of the people who faced adversity with the Aloha spirit, showing us how to navigate the upheavals that accompany transformation.

Global Portal Activation

Hawaii is not the only place where these energetic portals are opening. Throughout the world, various locations are being awakened. From Sedona, Arizona, to Portugal, Brazil, and even China, these portals are emerging, helping humanity transition into a new way of being.

Non-Linear Transformation

One of the most intriguing aspects of our evolving reality is our shift from linear to non-linear relationships with structures like money. We are moving away from the scarcity mindset and into a realm where abundance flows effortlessly. The angels have shared that we are meant to mimic the Creator’s unconditional love, creativity, and boundless potential.


The journey to the New Earth is well underway, guided by celestial forces and our own awakened consciousness. Hawaii serves as a pivotal portal, a place where the Aloha spirit and the Earth’s energy converge to support our transformation. As we embrace non-linear relationships with the old systems and discover our true creative potential, we are witnessing miracles that defy explanation. The world is changing, and we have the power to shape it into a more harmonious and loving reality. So, if you ever feel an inexplicable calling to a distant place, consider it a sign that you, too, might be a part of this global awakening.

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