How Kind Are You to Yourself on the Hard Days?

Today I want to talk about how to have a winning day even when we’re in the trenches. We have work, family, all the day to day chores necessary to keep your life moving.  

You might have elderly parents you’re taking care of or a sick child. Every one of us faces challenges big and small on a daily basis. We are living in the trenches.

Some days we wonder if we going to make it because of all the challenges that come up.

What I recommend to make life a little easier and feel like you are still winning is to be kind and gentle with yourself. 

It is so easy to beat up ourselves because we think we’re not getting enough work done or that we’ve neglected our children in some way. It’s never the truth, but it’s very easy to slip into that kind of thinking about ourselves.

When we are kind and gentle with ourselves it makes a world of difference.  Sometimes a way to show yourself that you are kind and gentle is to get out of your own head and do something nice for somebody else.

This doesn’t have to be a huge gesture. You can give someone a smile.  Touch someone that is hurting to let them know they are not alone. You can just acknowledge that you see them and care.

The stress levels today for everyone are just off the charts. I have my moments as well, but I’ve learned that I can help them. I know I can smile, listen, be a friend for whatever length of time is needed. I can say kind words.

It always takes a lot of stress out of my life when I can be kind or help someone else.  

Sometimes my friends and I go out and do a pay it forward. For example, we’ll go to Starbucks and pay for the person behind us. That does amazing things for a person when a complete stranger does a random act of kindness for them.  It makes you feel better as well.

If you think about it, doing something that is so random and out of the ordinary for you does amazing things for your self-esteem, your thought processes. It makes your life feel a little easier and less constricted. If you having issues with money it can open the flow because you gave from the heart.  That creates a winning day every day.

You can accomplish your goals for the day or finish your to-do list and call that a winning day.  That’s fine but that’s not the real essence of you.  

What are you giving of yourself to you for you?  

It’s always good to give to somebody else. But it never makes as much difference as it does to give to ourselves. We still need to be kind and gentle with ourselves. We treat ourselves like we would never treat another human being.  So why are you doing that to yourself?

Today I’m inviting you to think about how you can make this a winning day today. And then tomorrow.  And then again. Just see how much easier your life becomes just by being kind to yourself.

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