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How To Keep Moving Forward When You Are In A Storm

How to keep moving forward when you are in a storm

How To Keep Moving When You Are In A Storm

Life is full of storms, both metaphorical and literal. In a recent episode, the host discusses the challenges and frustrations she has been facing, relating them to the storms we encounter on our journey towards our dreams. This blog explores the importance of remaining calm and keeping forward momentum during difficult times, drawing insights from personal experiences and reflections. By embracing these storms as opportunities for growth, we can cultivate a resilient mindset and continue moving towards our goals.

Embracing the Storm:

Storms often arise when something significant is on the verge of manifesting in our lives. These turbulent times can evoke feelings of frustration, anger, and anxiety. However, it is crucial not to let these emotions overpower us and hinder our progress. Instead, we must realign ourselves with our dreams and maintain focus on the reasons behind our endeavors.

Learning from Others:

Through a conversation with a Mastermind friend, we discover that we are not alone in experiencing these challenges. We discuss the frustration caused by a key player in her organization who has been unresponsive for a month. They both realize the importance of staying centered amidst such situations. It becomes clear that storms present an opportunity for introspection and personal growth.

The Power of Attitude:

Our attitude plays a pivotal role in navigating storms. Rather than allowing negative emotions to halt our progress, we must believe in our dreams and trust that everything is working in our favor. By embracing a positive outlook, we can maintain our forward momentum and continue making strides toward our goals.

Controlling Emotions:

While storms may disrupt our plans and create challenges, it is vital to remain in control of our emotions. Acknowledging frustration or anger is natural, but we should not allow these emotions to consume us. By consciously choosing how we respond to adversity, we can cultivate resilience and avoid letting setbacks derail our progress.

Trusting the Process:

During storms, it is easy to feel uncertain and question the path we have chosen. However, maintaining faith in the process and believe that things are coming together, even when it may not seem apparent. Trusting that we are exactly where we need to be and that our efforts will yield results is key to weathering the storm

Preparing for Leadership:

Just as storms clear the path and reveal new possibilities, they also provide an opportunity for introspection and learning. As we work towards our dreams, it is essential to prepare ourselves for leadership roles, embracing the challenges and responsibilities that come with them. Learning to trust and manage others is a crucial aspect of personal and professional development.

Finding Peace Amidst the Storm:

The guest shares a personal experience of navigating a literal storm while driving. She reflects on how, in the past, such situations would have caused anger and frustration. However, through personal growth, she has learned to maintain peace within herself and let go of control over external circumstances. By focusing on what we can control—our emotions and reactions—we can find calm amidst the storm.


Life is filled with storms that challenge us and disrupt our plans. However, by remaining calm, embracing these storms as opportunities for growth, and maintaining a positive attitude, we can continue moving forward. While we cannot control external circumstances, we can control our emotions and reactions, ensuring that setbacks do not hinder our progress. By trusting the process and focusing on personal growth, we can navigate any storm and ultimately achieve our dreams.

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