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How to Use the Law of Vibration to Move You in a New Direction

How to Use the Law of Vibration to Move You in a New Direction

Today I want to talk about the Law of Vibration. We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction which is a secondary Law to the Law of Vibration.

The Law of Vibration works on our frequencies. More particularly on our emotions. When we feel negative emotions – anger, tired, upset – those are all low vibrations.  When we feel more positive emotions – happiness, joy, abundance, prosperity, excitement – that’s a higher vibration.

The Universe can work with us when we create our blueprint while in a higher vibration. 

That’s how the Law of Attraction works. It comes from the vibrational field.

A simple example of this is when we’re watching something like a crime show on TV. When you get tired of all that drama, you can take your clicker and change the channel and the frequency changes to something different.  That’s exactly how the Law of Vibration works with our mind.

On TV, this obviously happens immediately. In the physical plane, it doesn’t happen as fast.   

It takes a little bit of time depending on what it is and how long you’re maintaining this higher vibration.

We are always in control of how we are feeling.

When I say I’m excited about my life and excited about where I’m going, I do my best to maintain that as much as I can. This is what makes everything move faster. As long as my vibration is high, I start seeing results a lot faster.

That doesn’t mean that the head trash isn’t coming up sometimes. I’ve cleared out a lot of it but it’s not all completely gone. But I’m moving in the new direction.

When I’m in a low vibration, tired, anxious or frustrated, the best way for me to clear that out is to talk to somebody. This gets that energy out of my body and my perspective changes. The minute I do that and start doing something that I can do today, everything shifts. 

Recently, I was feeling stagnate and frustrated. As soon as I went through this process, everything shifted immediately. I couldn’t believe how fast things changed. Answers I was looking for were coming within minutes.

I invite you today to stay at a really high vibration. 

Stay in that excitement about your life. Even if your life doesn’t look like it’s fun, there’s got to be something fun about your life somewhere. You created it. This is your creation. Enjoy what you’ve created or if you don’t like what you’ve created, then change it. Change your mind and something else will change.

Start having some fun today. You will start seeing the miracles coming into your life.

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  1. This is really an uplifting article. Well-done! Of a truth no one is excluded from the brouhaha, chaos and hiccups of this physical world. Unfortunately, we live in a lower realm (Earth) with all its density and lower vibrations….

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