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How to Use Universal Mind to Create a New Reality

How to Use Universal Mind to Create a New Reality

Today I want to talk about formless thinking things. What I am referring to are thoughts and things. Whatever you put your attention on is where your energy goes.

There is a process that happens when we want something that we can’t immediately obtain here in the physical world. 

It goes up through the seven layers of consciousness and goes out into Universal Mind. Universal Mind looks for the answers, the people, whatever you need to create this. Once it has gathered all this information, it goes back down through the seven layers of consciousness. 

When it hits the sixth layer of consciousness, it hits the emotions.   

Usually how this manifests is that you are anxious, angry, frustrated, you want to cry.  You will wonder what is going on because it feels out of the ordinary. You can’t see anything that would have triggered these emotions. 

I recommend that you just allow these emotions to come up and process them however you need to. This is the Universe informing you that your goal is about to be achieved. Everything is lined up for you to receive it. This is a God-given right that we all have. God has given all of this to us because everything is not on the physical level. 

We are not just physical – we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

When you have a goal that is so huge that you have no idea how you’re going to achieve it, this is one of the steps that you do. You keep it in mind.  You experience it in your mind. You taste it. You wonder what it’s like to live “as if.”

It’s going out into the future memory of what this could be. You are actually creating the path to create the future of what you want. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy. It doesn’t mean that fear is going to come up. You might still feel frustrated and want to give up. All those emotions are still going to happen. 

The question is how much do you want what you want?

If it’s bigger than you and you’re willing to do what it takes to achieve it, then go for it. Everything starts with a thought.

I have an example from the time I lived in Chicago that still blows my mind.  I had a dance instructor and I was living in a little 600-foot apartment. The only place I could conceivably practice was in my kitchen but it was so tiny that I never did it. I had promised my instructor that I would practice but I wasn’t physically doing it. However, I was going over and over the steps in my mind. Every week he would say, “Wow, you’ve really practiced a lot.” I would always say, “Yes, I have.” I just didn’t tell him that it was only in my mind.

What I was seeing over and over in my mind I was manifesting in my body.

I wanted to be good but I didn’t have a place to do what I needed to do so I lived it over and over in my mind. This is a simple example but it works on every level.

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