Inconveniences are Major Transformations

Many Inconveniences Leading to Major Transformation

This is an ongoing actual series of events from what were viewed as several inconveniences that actually turned into a life altering transformation. It started on December 19, 2016 and is still unfolding today. Join me on this journey of revelation. Be aware that this was no cake walk and deeply hidden hurts and abuses were revealed. You’ll walk the head trip with me and how I tried to find the answers to the events playing out. As of this writing, the full impact has not been revealed completely. However, amazing events have taken place and one of the coolest things (which I am still putting together) is that I merged all my timelines into one to heal the past, present and future simultaneously.


Kathleen Flanagan is committed to serving the people and the Earth through the ascension process. She believes that spiritual growth is needed to become self-realized and is passionate about helping you towards the next step in your evolution. Walking through the steps of her own magnificent advancement, Kathleen is honored to support and love those on their spiritual journey. Kathleen is the CEO and Founder of Awakening Spirit, an Aromatherapist, a Vibrational Expert, Sound Therapist, Esthetician and Multi-Award Winning Author. Her book series Dancing Souls is an A-Z guide to your evolution. ~ Kathleen M. Flanagan, Author of Dancing Souls Merging Heaven and Earth – Book One: The Call

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