Learning to Receive and Surrender

We have this massive light that is squeezed beyond recognition to fit in a itty bitty teeny weeny bikini that can’t even bulge out for relief. The only relief we have is to grow and evolve as a spiritual being. Only then can we start to realize the magnitude of what we are – and only then its a microcosm within the macrocosm of life.

As our spirit evolves and starts to ask questions, ‘who am I? Why am I here? Is there something more beyond this life?’ is when the journey begins. For many, they stop because they realize that so few sojourn on this path. It is easier to stay in the status quo than to BECOME.

Spiritual evolution can be and often time is a lonely journey. Not many truly understand what you are going through as you look for answers. There are not as many teachers out there than you might think. Once you realize that your questions are beyond the “teachers” is when the real journey begins. In that “solo” journey you discover your heart, you discover you are not alone even if all physical signs say you are. You discover a world that is way beyond your comprehension and you realize that the life on this planet is just a play.

The question then becomes ‘how do I participate in life – this life – detached from the drama?’ while knowing that the emotional being you are is what creates your hearts desire. How do you observe your life sitting in the audience while acting on the stage at the same time? That is for you to figure out. Let me tell you, its not easy!

During the “experience/writing” of this book, I was often told to get off the stage! ‘How?’ My question was “we create through our emotions, if I am not in the ‘drama’, then how do I create?” It took time to find that answer and believe me it still is a struggle to this day. The other thing that  appeared throughout this journey was the term “surrender”.

I have spent a life time trying to grasp that concept. ‘How do I move forward and participate in the change and then surrender to allow it to happen?’ Big enigma! What I have learned in that scenario is just that. Move forward as much as you can and then ‘rest’. When the signs are there again to move forward, move forward. I believe that is how the Universe works. You have to learn to receive. That was another big lesson in the writing of the book.

KKathleen Flanagan Portraitathleen Flanagan, Award Winning Author, CEO and Founder of Awakening Spirit, Aromatherapist, Sound Therapist, and Esthetician.

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