Our Lessons are Gifts

Discover why lessons are gifts!

If you are on a path that may not be working for your highest good, spirit has a tendency to let you know. It starts with a gentle nudge, a little firmer, stronger, then the 4 x 8 hits you. Hence, you are flattened to the ground wondering ‘how could this happen?’ Da, you chose not to listen. You could feel that woman’s hurt and betrayal. In time, her posts changed. She realized that lesson was for her highest good. It was a gift even if it didn’t feel that way at the time.

All our lessons are gifts. Time is a true healer. If you are truly on the path, you will have more experiences because you are a teacher, and you chose to learn it to evolve further. It is all about how you handle your challenges in life.

Since we don’t always know why we are being challenged, we have to ask. Like buying my home. What I went through was unbelievable. I told my lender that there was a memo going around the ethers to all the bankers, stating they were not allowed to give me a loan because I am still being punished for “leaving the fold.” He laughed. As time went on, he called me about some other hoop to jump through. He said in total exasperation “I think you are right about that memo. I have never seen anything like what they are doing to you.”

I asked my friends to work the energy to make this thing happen. It seemed like an eternity. I asked spirit, prior to closing, why this was happening. The dark side appeared to be winning even though I had strong light workers helping me. Spirit stated, I am in a very, very dark area on this planet. I am penetrating the light into the deepest bowels of the financial world. My courage to see this through will set the way for others and make getting a mortgage easier. Hmm. I believed what I heard. The mortgage was not final until I signed the papers regardless of loan approval.

KKathleen Flanagan Portraitathleen Flanagan, Award Winning Author, CEO and Founder of Awakening Spirit, Aromatherapist, Sound Therapist, and Esthetician.

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