Overcoming Fear: Make an Appointment

Having Difficulty Overcoming Fear?

It’s a fact, we all have fear, and there’s simply no way to get rid of your fears.

Fear is a protection mechanism that is designed to protect us when we step outside of our comfort zone. Our ego’s job is to protect us.  When ego experiences something that it does not know or is not comfortable with, for example change, it becomes fearful.

When we are making changes in our lives, whether it’s by our own choice, or the Universe, we experience fear.

A Technique to Overcome Fear

I have learned a technique to overcome fear that is unique and very simple to do, but the results are amazing!

I was in the midst of a major experience and found myself in a gripping fear about the situation. So I simply said to ego, “listen, I am feeling your fear, it’s ok, so let’s make an appointment for Friday at 3 o’clock“.

Friday was 3 days away, because 3 is a magical number, and I set the appointment and told ego that we would have a conversation about the fear at that time.

Wouldn’t you know it, the next day something came up and here came the same gripping fear as the previous day. I gently reminded ego that we had set an appointment for Friday and asked it to go away and let me get my tasks done.

Well, guess what? On Friday, ego and me were both a no show! It was a few days later that I realized we had both forgotten about our meeting.

I was able to move through the things I needed to get done that week without the fear detouring or stopping me.

I found this to be very interesting and effective way of overcoming fear.  It was respectfully acknowledging my fear without taking time away from my tasks at hand.   The fear did not paralyze or stop me.  I was telling the Universe that I intended to move forward, through my fear, while still acknowledging ego.

I invite you to try making an appointment to overcome fear and let me know your experience.

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