Playing a Bigger Game

In this installment of The Enlightenment Blog discover how courage and spirit can help you navigate the most mundane challenges you face – even a mortgage.

Spirit stated, I am in a very, very dark area on this planet. I am penetrating the light into the deepest bowels of the financial world. My courage to see this through will set the way for others and make getting a mortgage easier. Hmm. I believed what I heard.

The interesting thing about this story is about two months later, my friend who was working the energy had a friend who was going through hell trying to get a mortgage. She jumped through so many hoops and the bs that came from the bank’s mouth was absurd. I gave her my lender’s name and some how in that conversation, things changed. He couldn’t help her because she was in a different state but within about a week she got her mortgage. So maybe, I helped to allow that to happen in a shorter time span than mine. Again, we may never know why things happen until we pass and if you ask, and you can hear, you will know the answers to your questions. We are all playing a bigger game than we realize.

KKathleen Flanagan Portraitathleen Flanagan, Award Winning Author, CEO and Founder of Awakening Spirit, Aromatherapist, Sound Therapist, and Esthetician.

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