Your Higher Self Is Calling

The pattern of the great you is found by combining your higher self with your humanity.

We walk around and think about what we want, want we don’t want, our negative and positive views about ourselves, etc.

However, that’s just one side of who we are.

There is another side of you and that is your higher self. Some  people call it spirit, some call it God.

You can learn how to walk in your divinity, or your higher self, while you’re still living in your humanity. It’s a balance beam that we to learn how to manage.

How we can create this balance you ask? Through humility.

When we move into this new place where we see and think differently about ourselves and the world, we begin to see a different and bigger side of ourselves.

You’ve always known it’s there. You know it’s breathing you, you know it’s walking through you and sometimes it even speaks through you.

It’s about understanding this is the higher self of who you are.

When we decide to play this new role of being bigger than we think we are, bigger than we know we are, it gives us the opportunity to step into our greatness and it creates a pattern of who we are.

By stepping into our greatness we get to see what is around us in a different way. We can see what we can do for our fellow man, or for ourselves that helps or makes others and ourselves feel good.

I challenge you today, to look at the spirit that is you, and step into your higher self.

It’s a unique challenge, I get that.

But we all know we are greater than our human bodies, so why not start living it, breathing it and speaking it.

Answers come, when you allow your higher self in. The world changes, it looks different, it feels different, because you’re different. That excitement starts driving you into your big dreams and help you to accomplish them!

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