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How to Use Gratitude For The Simple Choices

How to Use Gratitude For The Simple Choices

Today I want to give you the first of five steps of how to use gratitude for the simple choices. Gratitude keeps you in control of your life. Gratitude. We are all given the same opportunities every single day and every day is a brand new day. Today is not the same as yesterday and it is not the same as the day we are going to have tomorrow.  

This technique comes from my friend Jack in Michigan – he actually uses his fingers to remind him of where he’s at. The first one he uses is a thumbs up.

We wake up in the morning and it’s a brand new day. We can make it a thumbs up kind of day or thumbs down. A thumbs down day would be a day when you have to do something you don’t like so you’re going to resist it, have a bad attitude and make it a horrible day. Why would you do that to yourself?

Why not do a thumbs up instead? The simplest way to turn it into a thumbs up day and get yourself back into a positive mindset is to be grateful. 

What are you thankful for?

This is a really simple way to remind yourself that this can be a great day.  When you’re down-and-out, or bummed or really hating something you have to do just say “Thank you.”  

What can I learn from this opportunity? We make choices every day all day long. Why not choose to learn from a situation instead of hating it?  Everything we encounter is an opportunity put there just for us to learn from and to increase our happiness.

I invite and encourage you today to see how many times you can choose a thumbs up attitude and be grateful for whatever is happening. Even if it’s not a “good” thing it can still be a GOOD thing. There is always a lesson inside of it and there is always something beautiful that can come out of it.

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