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The Second Daily Technique for Achieving Your Dreams

Point Your Way - The Second Daily Technique for Achieving Your Dreams

Today I want to talk about the second step of the exercise we talked about a few weeks ago in “How to Use Gratitude For The Simple Choices.” I call this Point Your Way Down Your Life.

What this is essentially asking is where do you want to go? What is it that you want? How do you want to feel for the day: comfortable, like you want to achieve something, full of excitement, you want to learn something new?

To Point the Way is your intention for the day.

You’ve already decided that you’re going to have a thumbs up day. What are you going to do with that thumbs up day? Is there something you wish to accomplish? What step can you take in your journey to accomplishing your dreams.

You’re the one that makes all the decisions. Therefore, even if you don’t believe that you can accomplish this because the goal is so big that it’s going to take 5, 10, 15 years to fully realize it, you need to believe you can do it.

I believe you can do it much sooner than you think.

I have had huge goals myself that I thought were going to take a long time and it seemed that it happened overnight. That is because I believed in myself. I also had other people that believed I could accomplish it more quickly.

When you have a support team that is encouraging you and helping you move to the next level, you move mountains.

That’s why it’s so important that you know where you want to go. Where is it that you want to be? What can you do today to make that happen?

So again, here’s a thumbs up to your gratitude for the day so you have an awesome, incredible day. And here’s to pointing your day down the road. I see you getting there.

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