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The Third Daily Technique for Achieving Your Dreams

The Third Daily Technique for Achieving Your Dreams

Today I want to talk about the third technique for achieving your dreams. It is flipping fear in the face. If you haven’t read the first two blog posts or watched the videos you can find them HERE and HERE.

When you have a dream and you’ve given your day a thumbs up (this is how I’m going to live today), and you’ve pointed your way (this is what I’m going to do today to move myself closer to my dream) and you’re saying “I’m going to do this one day at a time” fear is going to show up. I promise you.

Fear will always show up.  Flip it in the face.

When fear does raise its ugly head, you can just flip it in the face and say, “I’ll deal with this fear another day but right now I’m going to do this.”

What you are actually doing is staying in a higher vibration. When you stay in a higher vibration answers will come to you. You know the next step and whatever you need starts arriving at your doorstep. As long as you’re living in fear that’s never going to happen.

Even Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. So right now in this particular energy field you are in, that’s as far as your thinking got you. When you move out of that place you know you need more help. You may not know what the answer is or even the question to ask for an answer. But when you quiet the mind and you keep moving forward what’s going to happen is that answers are going to start coming in.

This is because you are maintaining the higher frequency where answers come.

Spirit is guiding us. Spirit is watching over us. They want to see you succeed as much as you want to succeed. They help to co-create your life with you. When you start to see that there is a co-creation working with you, things start moving in a totally different direction.

It’s all about your attitude. Staying in gratitude is huge for that. Pointing your way down the road is important because only you know where you want to go. If you can maintain that goal or dream and then you take fear and flip it in it’s face you have no other option but to receive the information you need to help you. This is because you are in a higher state of frequency.

Our vibration is huge. What we are thinking about is what we attract.

I encourage you today to keep flipping fear in the face. Keep giving yourself a thumbs up day. Keep pointing your way to the future. You can then tell yourself, “Wow, I’m having a great day today! I’m moving in the direction I want and I just told fear to go jump in the lake!” How cool is that?

Learn about the fourth daily technique for achieve your dreams HERE.

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