Playing a Bigger Game – Discover How Courage can Navigate Challenges

In playing a bigger game, you will discover how courage and spirit can help you navigate the most mundane challenges you face – even a mortgage.

Spirit stated, I am in a very, very dark area on this planet. I am penetrating the light into the deepest bowels of the financial world. My courage to see this through will set the way for others and make getting a mortgage easier. Hmm. I believed what I heard.

The interesting thing about this story is about two months later, my friend who was working the energy had a friend who was […]


Our Lessons are Gifts

Discover why lessons are gifts!

If you are on a path that may not be working for your highest good, spirit has a tendency to let you know. It starts with a gentle nudge, a little firmer, stronger, then the 4 x 8 hits you. Hence, you are flattened to the ground wondering ‘how could this happen?’ Da, you chose not to listen. You could feel that woman’s hurt and betrayal. In time, her posts changed. She realized that lesson was for her highest good. It was a gift even if it didn’t feel that way at the time.


The Universal Law of Giving and Receiving

The Universal law of giving and receiving. We are all really good about giving consequently we forget to receive. If we don’t learn to receive, we never will. I learned that at 18 years old. I was having lunch with a couple of friends. The man picked up the tab. My girlfriend and I were very insistent on paying our way. In a very kind but firm way, he told us that if someone is offering to do something nice, you say thank you. Needless to say, we said thank you.

When I remember the situation, maybe we gave […]


Learning to Receive and Surrender

We have this massive light that is squeezed beyond recognition to fit in a itty bitty teeny weeny bikini that can’t even bulge out for relief. The only relief we have is to grow and evolve as a spiritual being. Only then can we start to realize the magnitude of what we are – and only then its a microcosm within the macrocosm of life.

As our spirit evolves and starts to ask questions, ‘who am I? Why am I here? Is there something more beyond this life?’ is when the journey begins. For many, they stop because they realize that […]


Growth and Evolution as a Spiritual Being

What does growth and evolution as a spiritual being really mean? Once you are enlightened, does your life really change that much? Can it change that much? It all depends on you.

Many times we come to this Earth to evolve in a slow and methodical way. Then there are those times – like now – that acceleration happens and we are being forced to move from a young child, to adolescent, to young adult, to adult, to senior. How we move through life is how we move through the spiritual evolution. Some things we don’t have a choice […]


What is Dancing Souls – The Call?

Dancing Souls is the journey of an awakening spirit. Experience what the masters went through. Learn how the soul evolves while still being human? Discover the waking up process.

Everyone has a specific mission in life. We may learn it by how we live our life. We are always moving forward regardless of the appearance. People who have “everything” – only you know what that is – may not. They could be suffering from a number of things like loneliness, depression, illness, or betrayal to name a few. Money and recognition is not always measured as success. There are thousands of […]