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The Fifth Daily Technique for Achieving Your Dreams

The Little Things - The Fifth Daily Technique for Achieving Your Dreams

Today I want to talk about the fifth daily technique for achieving your dreams: the little things.

What does that mean? If you’ve followed the first four daily techniques you are:

We all live very hectic, crazy lives. Our society, in my opinion, is out of control. That doesn’t mean you have to be.

Take time to smell the roses, listen to the sound of children playing, acknowledge the sun beaming on your face – these are the little things that give your life meaning. That gives you depth. That opens your heart more.

The little things makes this journey you are on feel more worthwhile.

Trying to accomplish a goal can be very challenging. You’re usually fighting your demons more than anything external.

I know some people are suffering because of all the earth changes we’re experiencing. Even if you are one of those people, it is still your day. You still get to create your day through your attitude.

You can still have a thumbs up day. You keep moving forward and flicking fear in the face. You remember the little things. Because when you are in a crisis it’s amazing what the human condition does. People come together.

I have met more of my neighbors during blizzards or hurricanes than any other time because we are here to support each other. We’re not here to steal from others or do bad things. We’re in this together so let’s help each other together.

Acknowledging the little things and the people around you is what makes a journey even more powerful.

You never know if that difficult situation you are in is perfect for where you want to go next. Or maybe it’s tweaking you a little bit to prepare you for the next step. It could be a little road sign.

It doesn’t mean a crisis is a stop – it could just be that there is something there you need to learn.

That is how I have taken most of the events in my life that I thought were not good. When you reflect on these events later the message is so clear.

To help you maintain this new vibrational frequency you are on, I encourage you today to first wake up with a gratitude attitude. This is your day and you are in control of it. No one else is.

Point yourself down the road in the direction you want to go and towards what you want to accomplish.

When fear comes up flick it in it’s face and you keep marching. Do those things that are especially hard for you despite the fear and resistance. Realize once you’ve done them that they weren’t a hard as you thought they would be. Know that the next time you do it, it will be even easier because you are mastering a new technique.

Stop long enough to smell the roses. Pay attention to the people in your life. Acknowledge their existence and let them acknowledge yours. Enjoy the small things.

All these things make up who you are.

They make this journey worthwhile and worth living.

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